Product design and development



Chaitanya expresses rich diversity through its designs. Each design is a celebration of culture, tradition and heritage blended with state-of-the-art technology depicting futuristic fashion trends. Our core focus lies in understanding customer needs in totality and translating them into aesthetically appealing and commercially viable products. Chaitanya’s dedicated product development division is complimented with diverse manufacturing capabilities at their fingertips to produce monthly hundreds of innovative designs.


Prototyping implies blending a design with available best production process to produce world class products. To achieve desired results, a rigorous study of designs and R&D is conducted throughout the product development process.

Final Sampling

Successful execution of designing and prototyping leads to sample production. This is the last step of execution to realise designs into beautifully crafted masterpieces of jewellery.

Quality Check

This is the most important stage in product design and development process. Chaitanya gives utmost priority to quality. Strict measures are taken at every step to employ quality controls. Our facility undergoes regular inspections and scrutiny enabling us to top the extensive tests conducted by some of the retailers from the USA.